Thursday, March 19, 2009

Desert Cruising

Since leaving Texas, we spent time in Tucson (enjoyed Old Tucson Studios and Arizona Sonora Desert Museum), Phoenix (visiting with our daughter and son-in-law), then the 4 of us headed on to Laughlin, NV. We have fond nostalgic feelings for Laughlin - it was one of the first areas we visited when we started RVing almost 20 years ago. Certainly more laid back than Vegas, and RV friendly. While we did more than gambling, in an amazing turn of events, we all came out ahead when we left Laughlin.

The view at left was out the back window of our HitchHiker. We enjoy walking along the river, eating at the buffets, and just having no schedule.

From Laughlin, it was on to the Grand Canyon. We've been here for a couple days. It's been years since we've been here... and it's just as BIG and GRAND as I remembered. The shuttle bus system is a great way to get around. We've walked along the rim, ridden the shuttle from east to west, taken a gazillion photos, and have been enjoying traveling together.

Out on a ledge.

The 4 of us at the south rim.

Monday, March 2, 2009

On The Road Again...

Wild Blue is stored on the hard, the hurricane shutters are down, the three of us are rolling... off to the west to spend some time with Steph and Dan. Izzy is about to learn the ways of a traveling cat; we'll see if the "practice runs" in the truck and on the boat have prepared her for this.

Bittersweet; I'm really going to miss being on the water, but we're looking forward to some land traveling once again. After some time in Phoenix, we'll see where the weather looks good. No schedule, no return date.