Friday, April 24, 2009

Left Kansas after getting some warranty work done on the 5th wheel, then on to Branson, MO, for a week. Mother Nature was kind to us and we had a great time playing around the area; the highlight was a day at Silver Dollar City... I have always loved roller coasters. They have several there that really kicked my butt! After some screaming dives, an inside loop, an outside loop, two barrel rolls, I was weak-kneed when we got off. I took a couple minutes to look for my stomach before getting on another coaster... this one was like being fired out of a cannon. I heard a high-pitched "Oh, sh**!" scream as we were shoved back into the seats... I looked at Joan, not believing that language came out of her... it didn't. Yeah, it was me.

Izzy has been a great traveler. She has taken to the leash better than we expected and rides in the truck like an old pro. She should be ready for some boat travel when we're done RVing this season.

We headed north with the warm weather for a week or so in the Sioux City area; family visiting. We are in a nice city campground on the Nebraska side of the river, with a great bike path, nice wide sites, and a pretty view of the Missouri River.

Dakota bound next

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Family Game Night

Sunday evening and time for the next Captain Jim...

This is Dan's take on family game night...

Of course, it may be the fact that Joan and I kicked butt on Steph and Dan... someone got her nose out of joint (and I won't mention Steph's name) when someone else (and that would be Joan and I) sang our version of the Queen song, "We are the Champions." Sheesh - sensitive, huh? I guess that part where we sang, "No time for LOSERS, 'cause we are the champions... of the world" while dancing and pointing at them... well, let's just leave it at sensitive.


Friday, April 10, 2009

We've traveled from Arizona to Kansas; on Monday we'll take the 5th wheel in for factory warranty service. Nothing major, mostly a few cosmetic things and an addition. The wind howled almost all the way; we saw the worst fuel mileage since we bought the HitchHiker - 7.5 mpg. We've taken our time getting here, trying to stay out of nasty weather.

Izzy continues to impress me with the traveling... she rides great and doesn't make a fuss. And who knew cats could be so good with navigation...

And when we are set up for the night, she is very entertaining...

The land traveling has been going well; the HitchHiker is comfortable and the truck and 5th wheel combination is great going down the road. Going across Kansas yesterday with the wind blowing like stink, we saw a "witchy-woman" fly by on a bicycle. Izzy isn't Toto, but she was pretty concerned about the weather. This is the first time she's seen a storm since she's been part of our family. The rain pounded, there was hail, thunder and lightning. Tornado watch/warnings all around us. April in Kansas - go figure? And the cold, as in 32º tonight.

The city campground in Chanute is really decent - cement sites, water and electric, and the first 48 hours are free; then $10 per day after that. It's great to see small towns welcome RVers; it certainly adds to the local economy. And with NuWa here in town, it's a great situation.

Sunshine and warming to 65º is predicted for tomorrow - may get out and about on the bikes. Our service is scheduled for Monday morning, so we have some time to check out the area.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Resort Living

Since leaving the Grand Canyon, we've been staying at the Pueblo El Mirage Resort... RV sites, park home and home sites. It's a gorgeous facility with decent size sites, beautiful landscaping, and all kinds of amenities (pool, hot tub, wood shop, library, tennis courts, lawn bowling, concierge, laundry, etc, etc.

This is in Phoenix, so we've been reasonably close to our daughter's place. We've also had the opportunity to visit in her classroom several times, including taking a field trip with them. I took my guitar and led them in some sing-alongs a couple times. Great kids and a real treat for us to watch our daughter work with them... she's good!

Being in one place for a couple weeks also allowed us to get mail, order a few things for the 5th wheel, and get stabilizers installed. We were planning to head out on Friday, April 3rd, but wind and cold to the north caused us to rethink that plan and spend a couple extra nights here. Now, it looks like we'll head south before running east... just trying to stay out of the cold.

Next on the agenda is a stop at Chanute, Kansas, to the NuWa factory for some warranty work.

Izzy the cat has been doing great - she is growing, eating like a big girl (though supermodel skinny still), and very active. Here's a composite of her when she's sleeping...