Friday, January 31, 2014

Another genius experience...

The past few days, my MacBook Pro has been acting up - it won't connect to the internet.  I know how to set it up, know how to connect... this is how we get to the internet and have been doing so for years.  I looked it up on the Mac user forums, but didn't see anything that was a solution to my situation.  So, now that we are in Phoenix, we are only about 20 minutes away from an Apple Store... and the geniuses.

Getting an appointment for a genius is slick: set it up on the internet, usually the same day.  Of course, that isn't a good solution if the computer you use to get on the internet is acting up.  Joan made me an appointment via her iPad; which also connects to the internet via my phone (as a hotspot).

I showed up a few minutes before my scheduled time ('cause I'm always early).  I was seated at a table and told "my genius" would be with me soon.  Right around that appointment time, he showed up.  While I was waiting, I turned on the phone hotspot, woke up the computer, and it hooked up just like it is supposed to.  Of course.  "My genius" looked at me like "suuuuuure."  I explained the situation and he said, "I can fix this right away - it's your phone."

"Ummm, not it isn't.  The phone is fine."

"Well, I've seen this before, and it's always the phone."

"Not trying to tell you your job, but I can connect just fine with two different iPads at the same time the MacBook won't connect.  Pretty sure the phone is doing what it's supposed to."

"Ohhhhh.  Are you sure you connected with your iPads?" he asked.

"Yeah, I think I would know if I was connected or not."  The old fart in me busted out: "I've been using Macs since 1984 - before you were born (easy guess).  Let's just humor me and say it isn't the phone.  Any idea why the same method I use to connect won't work 12 times in a row, and on the 13th time it will work?"

He clicked on my laptop and eliminated all the wifi chains I use (like when we're at our daughters, or getting wifi from a park or marina we frequent.  "Why did you eliminate those?" I asked.

"If you're connecting with your phone, you don't need those."

"But, I DO use those.  And now I will have to enter the passwords again.  Assuming I can get on."

"Yeah, see?  It's working fine now," he said.

"It was working fine before you eliminated those.  And when I get home, it won't be working fine again.  Any ideas?" I asked.

"Sometimes you just have to turn 'em on and off."

"Last night, I turned the computer off and on 4 times.  Twice with the phone.  When I put in my password, it says it's the wrong password.  Pretty sure I know my password for the wifi, too."

"Well, it looks like we took care of that."

Nope.  As soon as we were back at the 5th wheel, it wouldn't hook up.  Well, the first 14 times.  On the 15th time, it hooked up.  The iPads hooked up no problem.

Frustrating.  I'm no genius, but I know when it isn't working right.  And, this ain't right.  ;-)


Bill K said...

OH thanks Jim.

I just ordered a Mac Book Pro 2 days ago and now I read this. :))

Bill Kelleher

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Not to fear, Bill, my MacBook Pro is getting old in the tooth. One of us (not mentioning which) loaded a coupon printing app on this machine, and it messed other things up. Your new MacBook Pro will be a delight! And, as soon as I get mine straightened out, it will be a delight again, too. I think I'm there. :-)

Bill K said...

Thanks for putting my mind at ease.

The only sad thing is that when they ordered it they were told it would take up to 4 weeks instead of a week and a half.

Oh well, it takes what it takes.