Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rolling south...

We had breakfast just outside of town with a couple of Joan's siblings and their spouses; said our good-byes and hit the road.  13º and a biting wind out of the south... yes, we are heading south.  It turned out to be a cold, gray day, but the roads were mostly dry.

At Concordia, Kansas, the temperature had risen to 33º.  While I was in picking us up a Subway sandwich, Joan tried the windshield washers... they worked!  They have been frozen shut the last few days.  Even though the temp was below freezing (WAY below at times) until this stop, passing cars still threw crud on the windshield.  It was nice to have a clean windshield again.  When we stopped for fuel on the way north, we found the wash stations at the fuel pumps to be slush.

We drove until dark today.  Again, I found the names of motels/hotels are generally the opposite of what they are... the Econolodge was not economical.  $110 per night for an overnight stay in northern Oklahoma, in the winter.  I can get a studio condo on the beach in southern Maui for that price. ;-)  We found another "no-name" place for half that.  Izzy is stalking around, taking in the new smells.

By tomorrow morning, it should be above freezing as we head south - that will be a refreshing change.  On to the Dallas area, and a few days working on Joan's Mom's apartment.


Tim and First Mate said...

Have a safe drive and I hope you find warmth soon.

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Thanks, Tim. We have each other (and Izzy) - plenty of warmth, regardless of the temperature. Hope things go smooth with your current boat project.

Best wishes,

MarkJ said...

Give an extra honk on the horn as you drive thru OKC and a wave. I'll wave back at ya!

Really enjoy following your blog!

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Don't think we would have seen you, thanks to the fog!