Friday, February 28, 2014

500 yards or 500 miles...

Not a lot of difference when you have to move the RV... you still have to disconnect all the utilities, put in the slideouts, hook the truck up to the 5th wheel... AND deal with the cargo trailer with the scooters.  Since the front desk people at Pueblo El Mirage were able to find us a site here, and the crabby people at Cotton Lane RV and Golf Resort tried to move us to a site by the dumpster (and the road), our move today was only about 500 yards.  Truth be told, it is a better situation than the site we have been in the last month: we are closer to the front gate, putting us closer to the pool and all the activity buildings and cutting our in-resort drive in half.  And, the big plus: this site has a double concrete patio/driveway.

Izzy is happy - there is an orange tree right out our rear picture window; new trees nearby that will be full of good smells ('cause every dog in the resort has peed on them at one time or another).

Joan is happy - she was in complete agreement with me that we didn't want to give Cotton Lane our business.  We have a site that faces the same direction (west), so that gives us shade on our patio all day.  Being able to park on concrete means less gravel (the primary site covering around the southwest) gets tracked into the coach.

I am happy - I can park the scooters on a paved surface when they aren't in their "portable garage" (aka the cargo trailer)... plus I can keep the cargo trailer on our site, unlike at Cotton Lane (where you can leave all your stuff sitting out 'cause that is pretty and a nice FeatherLite cargo trailer isn't.

In order to move onto a site here, you must be escorted by Security.  A nice guy named Steve came to our site shortly after we called them and said that we're ready to move.  He helped guide us into the site - there is a palm tree at the front of each lot, between the patio and where the RV is parked... you have to thread your way in, and it can be a little tight.

Before moving the 5th wheel, we brought the car to the new site (I followed on one of the scooters) and I brought Joan back - the first time we've both been on one scooter (yes, there's plenty of room).  After parking the 5th wheel, it was back to the first site with the truck to get the cargo trailer.  The soft gravel on the sites makes moving the cargo trailer a real chore (it is easier to move the trailer in the gravel without the weight of the bikes in it)... but, did I mention I get to have the cargo trailer on the site at this nice place?  ;-)  Then back to the first site again to get the other scooter... yes, that is a lot of back and forth.  The sites are a couple blocks apart.

We could have stayed in the first site until tomorrow, but the weather is supposed to be rainy (something people are looking forward to here, since they haven't had rain since before Christmas), and there are around 60 new arrivals due tomorrow (plenty of people in our neighborhood moving on today and tomorrow)... it could be a big congested.  This was easy.  Not fast, since you still have to do all the same stuff to break camp as if you were moving 500 miles, and then all the set up again.  Just part of the RV experience.  It was a full three hours to get it all done today.

So, we'll have that longer drive to visit with Steph and Dan; we've gotten used to it this past month.  We're doing our part to support the oil companies.  We know all the good shopping areas in the southwest part of town, and we're learning all the good ones in the northwest.

I think Izzy was a bit confused right at first... we let her stay in the 5th wheel while we moved (she always rides with us in the truck when traveling).  She went to the rear window when we got onto the site... "Oh, a tree nearby.  And birds.  I don't know how you moved that tree, but I like it!"

We have a basketball game tonight.  No, we're not playing.  It is faculty vs students from Steph and Dan's school.  Steph volunteered us to sell raffle tickets, so we're "working" the game.  Probably just as well... I'm a bit rusty on dunking the ball.  ;-)

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