Saturday, February 1, 2014

Class time...

Apple knows how to do things right.  They offer free classes on a variety of topics... at the Apple Store.  The resort where we are staying this month isn't too far from an Apple Store (in the grand scheme of things).  After making the appointment for our "genius" yesterday, Joan signed us up for a morning class about iCloud.

We were there a couple minutes early, along with two other people.  The guy giving the class said there were two more people scheduled... he dallied for a bit, waiting for them, then started in.  Of course, 10 minutes later, that couple (from the Land of No Clocks) showed up.  They didn't have a clue.  Or, apparently, a watch.  That's OK, the other two people were newbies and didn't understand much of what the guy was explaining.

Our situation is different, due to the fact that we are wanderers, and using our phone as our only internet connection.  I was concerned about bandwidth use, and hoping to find a way around that... nope, stuff going to and coming from "the cloud" is essentially using twice the bandwidth.  No problem when you have DSL or some other home based wifi.

We did pick up some good ideas for limited use.

At the same time, there was another class on Using Your iPad - a lot more people in that class.  I looked back as we were heading out of the store: I'm no kid, but (other than the employees) we were the youngest ones there.  Yes, Apple management is very smart - these people have the discretionary income and the time to shop... show 'em how easy this stuff is to use, and you have customers for life.


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