Sunday, July 20, 2014

Georgia on my mind...

We had no reports this morning.  When I got to the boat, I had some maintenance to do on it, and turned on the fleet radio... an hour before our (early departure), we got a report... west of Victoria... seas on the way there were 2 1/2 to 3 feet.  Yeah, that would be a long, lumpy ride.

I waited to see my guests before making a decision to go for it.  All one big family who had chartered the boat... and 3 or 4 of them were concerned about getting seasick before we even walked down the dock.  Swell.

I did my safety orientation, then explained where we would be going... and, the anticipated conditions.  As I was going up the ladder to the helm, a report came over the radio: transient whales in the Strait of Georgia, and the water conditions were reported to be decent.  Hallelujah!

Back down and told the guests of the change of plan... AND the favorable water conditions.  Relief across some of the faces.  Even with that, I had guests who took my offer to borrow some wrist bands (acupressure bands for motion sickness - seems to work for some people, so I carry several in my bag).

I figured at least 45 minutes closer to the Strait of Georgia compared to going west... good news all around!  Smooth running all the way there; the water in the Strait of Georgia was very pleasant.  And the transients were active.  Happy guests, happy crew.

That was cutting it close... that radio call was like getting a reprieve from the Governor.  Last minute and a relief to receive.

Looking forward to some days off.


Now, there's something you don't see everyday...

North of Sucia, I saw... a jetski.  They are not allowed in San Juan County.  I'm guessing it came from somewhere in Canada.  I can't imagine anyone wanting to do that, the water is so cold.  First time I have seen one in all our time here.

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