Thursday, August 21, 2014

Interesting Boat of the Day, AND What Are You Thinking??!!

When I got home last night, I had a text message, telling me I will "likely" have an early charter.  That meant I had to be up early and clean up... no idea how that boat was left yesterday, so I knew I'd have to go in before my normal prep time to see if it needs fuel, etc.  The other office booked the charter, so I had no information.  Their desk doesn't open until 8:00, and I would have to be to the boat by 8:00 to prep it.

Well, suffice it to say, the charter canceled... something about a timing conflict.  A waste of an early morning for me.  No, it isn't usually like this, but when there are two offices dealing with 3 boats and crew, sometimes the details "get lost."  This is part of "the schedule" that I don't care for.

Which leads me to the "What Are You Thinking??" part of this post.  Apparently, the sale of Wild Blue came as a shock to some of our friends.  There have been a lot of questions, some of them asking if "we" are OK, and a lot of "What other boat are you getting?"

I spent 32 years as a professional photographer.  We made a good living and enjoyed our clients.  Photography is something a lot of people do for a hobby.  I used to jokingly say, "My next career is going to brain surgery... no one does it for a hobby, and no one will say to you, 'My uncle has a good scalpel and does freelance brain surgery on weekends'."  LOL

Photography wasn't my hobby.  When we were ready to retire, I really didn't care to take any more photos, other than for our own enjoyment.

I kind of backed into this boat captain stuff.  There are a lot of people (us included) who boat because of our passion for being on the water.  I have felt that passion evolving; the captain jobs I've done have changed my perspective somewhat.  Don't get me wrong, I still love being on the water, but I think we are done hauling coast to coast... maybe even done cruising.

We don't know what "the next boat" will be, and it may be a while before we make any decisions.  In the meantime, we will kayak and paddleboard (when we get to warmer water), ride our scoots, and find some interesting places to RV.

"We" are fine; both onboard with this next chapter.


That said, while walking back from the office this morning, I came across this beautiful boat...

It was built in 1928 (I visited with the owner for just a bit).  THIS is a hobby boat.  Boats always need something... wood boats need even more... more time, more maintenance.  But, what a classic beauty.  A lovely boat for up here; the Texas sun would eat that brightwork up in weeks!  Look close, you will see the owner out there with a towel, wiping off the dew.  ;-)

Still, this gets my nod for Interesting Boat of the Day.  Come to think of it, I don't think I've taken the time to post many photos of interesting boats this season... hmmmm.


John and Kathy said...

That's awesome, Jim! Good luck to you no matter what direction you two go. We reinvented ourselves to full-time RV, then again to do Podcasts, now again a bit with website design. I'm sure you folks will move on to more blog worthy adventures.

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Thanks, John and Kathy. We are looking forward to more fun travels. Maybe we'll see you down the road? :-)

Bob said...

Well I have read every one of your blog posts and of course follow on C-Brats. Glad I did not send you a note on the boat six months ago, I might have had to buy a new truck!! I know the blog will change but only in part and I for one look forward to what comes next. Lord bless.
Bob Jarrard