Monday, August 11, 2014

Not today...

Isn't that the meaning of mañana?

My work week was a day longer than it has been most of the summer.  A late trip last night.  I was tired.  I was sleeping soundly when a charley-horse in my calf woke me in the middle of the night... it hurt like hell.  Joan thinks I am dehydrated; I know I was on my feet during two trips yesterday.  Regardless, I didn't sleep much after that.

We had talked about "going to America" today on the scoots.  I was up at 6:30, but just didn't feel like motating early, to make the 8:05 ferry.  We decided to just stay on-island.  A relaxing morning, a walk uptown for breakfast, then a walk further to "the other" grocery store.  When we got back, we were both ready for a scooter ride.

Before we could put on long pants (it is a warm day on San Juan Island), we had a visit from C-Dory friends, Peter and Caryn; and a nice conversation.  A great couple.  They were heading out, so on a time constraint.  We said our good-byes and some "see you next time we're out here."

Up to the scooters.  It was warm enough that neither of us wanted any kind of jacket.  It felt good to be in the breeze.

Running along the west side of the island, we saw whale watch boats heading up-island.  We stopped at one of the scenic turnouts to see if we could see whales.  Yep, but out in the middle of Haro Strait - too far away to see much.

We decided to stop at Lime Kiln State Park (sometimes known as: Whale Watch Park).  Besides, they have a vendor who sells ice cream.  We walked down to the shoreline...

... and ran into two young ladies we work with (naturalists on the boats).  We all had to chuckle about it: a day off for all of us, and we were here looking at whales.  From our position at Lime Kiln, we could see two humpback whales (what the boats were heading towards).

Before leaving the park, I got my ice cream, and this photo of Joan by a replica of an adult male Orca's dorsal fin...

"That's BIG!"  It gives you some perspective on the size of these animals.

Back on the scoots, we found some roads we haven't ridden before - Egg Lake Road wasn't long, but what great curves!  Back around to the west side, south, then back to Friday Harbor...

It was a warm one today - the high in Friday Harbor was 84º.  Before we left on our ride, I checked weather... the site comes up with our home weather in south Texas... the high there today was supposed to be 91º, with a heat index of 111º!  Yeah, 84 doesn't sound so bad by comparison.  Here, it cools off every night (we ran heat last night), so you are sure to have some relief.


I did an informal poll while riding.  There were quite a few bikes and scooters on the road today; most of the scooters were the 50cc rental mopeds and scooters - not a single one of them waved back.  Two other bigger scooter riders didn't wave back.  Three out of four Harley riders waved back.  The only other motorcycle was a Honda Shadow - nope, he didn't wave back.

Not sure what any of that means.  Maybe the old Honda advertising campaign from the 60s was wrong?  Maybe you meet the nicest people on a Harley?  ;-)


Three more weeks of work when we go back, and then we are ready for the next chapter.

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