Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Not talking about the island visitors, although there are plenty of those around.

My on-call turned into a day off (as expected).  We walked up from the marina and had a nice leisurely lunch in town; we were lucky to get a table in the bar at the restaurant, since there was a waiting list for parties of 3 or more.

We wandered through some of the shops in town - they were packed; folks who would normally be outside were looking for places to get out of the rain.  Bad timing - the County Fair starts today.

An umbrella and rain jackets were the uniform of the day.  By mid-afternoon, it was down to a very light mist.  Looking out from above the marina...

We came back to the boat and used that fresh rain water to wipe her down, after the mist stopped.

A "bonus day off" for me, and I don't mind a bit.

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