Thursday, October 2, 2014

I could really use a Stormscope...

Back in our flying days, we had a Stormscope in the plane - it read lightning strikes.  With that, you could pick out the difference between precip (on radar) and convective activity (thunderstorms) with the Stormscope.

Leaving the Fort Worth area this morning, we had radar pulled up on the iPad in the truck - if we time this just right, we may be able to get north before the Dallas/Ft. Worth area gets the predicted early afternoon thunderstorms and after the same line of ugly weather moves through Wichita.

In the words of the philosopher, Dirty Harry: "Do you feel lucky, punk?"

Yeah, I did.  Our timing worked out pretty good.  We found decent prices on diesel along the way, stopping at a Flying J north of Oklahoma City.  We needed to delay going north for about an hour to make it work for the thunderstorms - a sit-down lunch at Cracker Barrel, where we were able to get the last big rig parking site.

The timing was working in our favor, even getting a tailwind until after lunch.  And, we were staying dry.  The destination for tonight: Chanute, Kansas, for a stop at the Kansas RV Center (what was previously the NuWa factory).  Making a turn to the east when we reached the Kansas border, our tailwind had turned to a headwind... and turning east put it right on the beam (crosswind).  The truck and HitchHiker combo has great road manners - no sway, no shudder with the increasing crosswind.  An hour and a half out of Chanute, we caught up with the rain... spotty, mostly light, sometimes pounding.  It was letting up a bit as we pulled into the park in Chanute - enough that we didn't get too wet while setting up.

Tomorrow, we'll visit with the folks at Kansas RV Center.  Tonight, we went out for Mexican food, and getting the brunt of the cold front that is moving in - it was above 80º before the front moved in; the weather weasels are predicting a low in the upper 30s tonight!

Yes, we brought coats.


MarkJ said...

Your lunch stop was about 5 miles from my office. Great weather day for YA. Quite a cold front came thru! Safe travels.

MarkJ said...

BTW, next Thursday - Sunday is the really big RV Show in OKC if you're coming back thru. All indoors at the state fairgrounds.

MaryLou said...

Hi Jim,
Recently when Weatherbug updated itself on my tablet (Android), it added something called "Spark." It shows lightning strikes almost in real time. It's been fairly useful in differentiating between heavy rain and thunderstorms. Unfortunately when you want to switch between the Spark screen and the radar screen you close Spark so when you go back to Spark, you have to wait an extra few seconds for it to reopen. Still, it's a lot of extra info.
Mary Lou

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Hi Mark - we drove into, then with that cold front; quite a change.

Hi MaryLou - I haven't been using Weatherbug lately; I will check into Spark. Good info.