Saturday, October 11, 2014

It was a trick...

Joan asked if I wanted to go to Market Days at the Lighthouse Square.  It is 92º, humidty is 73%, the sun is pounding.  She said, "We can take the scooters."


Market Days at the Lighthouse Square is not the same thing as Market Days at the Convention Center on SPI - that has a LOT of vendors.  There were about a dozen booths at this, a couple booths selling food (hot dogs and nachos), and not many people... just too darn hot.

You know it isn't packed when you can find a parking place close by.  On the bright side, Pirates' Landing (restaurant) is right across the street.  Lunch out, with a table by the window, and a nice view of the Laguna Madre.

Coming back from lunch, the sky was turning black to the north.  We put the scoots away and settled back into air conditioned comfort... just in time to hear the rumble of thunder to the west.  Odds are good the ugly stuff will miss us, but glad to not be a long ways from home on the scoots.

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