Monday, November 9, 2015

I want what I want when I want it...

Again, not me - Isabella.

It was getting close to Izzy's lunch time; Joan and I were getting ready for a bike (bicycle) ride.  Before heading out, Joan took out the garbage while I put my sneakers on.  Little Isabella was obviously concerned that I was going to leave before feeding her...

"Hey!  You can't leave - I haven't been fed yet!  Seriously - you need to get over there and get my food!"

"I'm not leaving right now - I will get your food before I go!"

"You better - it's almost time!  I have a schedule to maintain, you know!"


I did get plenty of leg rubbing while getting her food... "You're my favorite - you really know how to do the food just the way I like it."


It is a beautiful sunny day.  The high is supposed to be around 79º; still some breeze: northeast at 16 mph.  We decided to bike to the Post Office... it is north northeast of our house.  Yes, that means pedaling into the wind all the way there.  Unlike sailing, tacking on the bike isn't practical.  One of us wanted a beach cruiser without gears... I am very happy with my folding bike, with 6 speeds.  Yes, I was making more "revolutions per minute" than the babe on the beach cruiser, but in a lower gear.

Joan dropped off the letter... yep, snail mail.  Then, the ride home.  With a tail wind.  I like a tail wind.  The bridge was out when we got back to our island...

The bridge wasn't out long - one small fishing boat going through on the hour.  We stopped to check mail on the way home - I thought for sure there'd be a pink slip in our box (meaning another trip to the Post Office), but no.

Back home, I did some fine-tuning on Joan's handlebars and went over the bike to make sure all the nuts and bolts were tight.  She is enjoying her beach cruiser.

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