Friday, November 20, 2015

This trend has gone too far...

I have been accused of having a mullet years ago.  Remember the mullet?  Business in the front, party in the back.  For the record, my hair was long all over... not short in the front.  That (the mullet) was a style choice that didn't stand the test of time.

There is another style choice that we saw a lot of during our summer in the San Juans: the man-bun.  You know, hair pulled to the back and twisted up into a bun.  On a guy.  No, I never had that, either, although I will admit to having a pony tail for a short time.  But, I digress.

The man-bun is not new - it was a style often worn by generals and samurais.  A century or so ago.

Apparently, the ultimate for this style is: the man-bun, with an undercut (hair short or shaved on the sides), and a bushy beard.

As we were crossing the bridge off our island today, Joan got this photo of the man-bun trend officially being a cliche'...


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