Friday, December 4, 2015

Pickin' and grinnin'...

We had supper last night with friends Mike and MJ, and their friends Ron and Susan.  MJ wanted to treat us all to some Iowa beef - they are in a motorhome... it is a BIG motorhome, but our house worked better for feeding 6.  She brought all the goodies: the steaks, salad, twice-baked potatoes, fresh baked bread, a gorgonzola topping for the steaks, and adult beverages.  Ron and Susan brought hors d' vours.  We provided the "venue" and dessert.

Mike accompanied me while grilling the steaks, everyone else set the table and got the rest of the food ready.  It was a nice meal and lively conversation - we are all from the mid-west originally.

After the meal and more discussion, MJ asked if Ron and I would play something on the guitars.  I took Ron to my guitar room and introduced him to a RainSong Shorty (carbon fiber).  I strapped on a Taylor, and we did the "What songs do you know?" routine that all guitar players go through when they first meet.  Our styles are different, but we blended them into songs that kept everyone happy.  I think Ron enjoyed the Shorty.  May have been the adult beverages talking, but MJ requested "play some Doobie Brothers" about a thousand times.  Joan provided some good vocals for "I'm Your Captain"... see the previous statement about adult beverages.

It went well into the night.  Well, remember, we are in a community that is mostly retired folks - the party broke up shortly after 9:00.  ;-)

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