Saturday, January 30, 2016

In the words of the philosopher Billy Joel...

"I'm movin' out!"

No, Joan did throw me out.  It is time to get ready to roll for our next destination: San Diego.  Mother Nature, with her quirky sense of humor is tossing an El Niño storm our way.  Tomorrow and into Monday.  We are outta here on Monday, so that means getting everything packed up today; while the weather is nice.

Like most RVers, we tend to "spread out" when we are in one place for a while, and we've been here 6 weeks.  Since this RV park doesn't allow cargo trailers (don't get me started), we have been parking the scoots in Steph and Dan's garage.  Yes, we have covers for them, but this park is pretty much a sandy/gravel site, and anything outside gets covered with a layer of red dust.  So, we drive to Steph's place, park the car, and take the scoots.  Certainly not as convenient as having the scoots right out our door.

To add to the fun, there is a storage lot connected with this park.  It is entwined with what used to be a horse racing park, so there are stalls (literally), narrow passageways, and lots of deep, sloped drainage... seems designed to tear the back end out of an RV.  To put the cargo trailer in storage, we borrowed a truck from one of Steph and Dan's friends.  And now to get the trailer out, we borrowed another friend's SUV.  Yes, it is more effort due to this park's "policy."  (Seriously, don't get me started)

After getting the trailer on our site (and hoping the cargo trailer nazis don't come after us with pitchforks and torches before we can get out of here), we went out for breakfast with Steph and Dan.  A bit of shopping after that, then back to their place, where we picked up our scoots.  Back to the park, and we are ready to start the packing-away process...

We have our system with loading and strapping down the scoots - it goes pretty quick...

Little Izzy poked her head out the door... "This isn't right.  Stuff isn't where it is supposed to be - the car is in the wrong place."  She is definitely a creature of habit.  She went back to the bedroom to stay out of the hub-bub...

I told her that she may like the next place even better.  She is not so sure.

We continued around our site, putting away chairs, getting the patio mat "uprooted'... you hold it down with metal stakes.  The ground here is like concrete, so it is just as much work to get those stakes out.  Worth the effort, though - the patio mat helps keep dragging all that sand/gravel in the coach to a minimum.

Next up: giving the fresh water tank a little freshen-up; bleach and flushing.  Holding tanks dumped, rinsed, and dumped.  With both of us working on it, the process goes reasonably fast.  There will be some last minute stowing of stuff, but the Aspect and crew will be ready to roll Monday morning.

I mentioned Mother Nature earlier... the local weather weasels are calling for a "winter storm."  They love to say crap like that, including, "Winds will be in excess of 45mph and there will be significant snowfall."  Yeah, in Flagstaff; 150 miles north.  We expect the weather to start going downhill sometime tomorrow (with a 90% chance of precip in the afternoon/evening).  We will be heading west, so, of course, the wind will be out of the west at 25mph and gusty on Monday.

Right now, the incoming weather is making for some interesting cloud patterns...

Finger-painting with watercolors?  ;-)

We have reservations on Monday in San Diego... we may just take our time along the way.

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