Monday, February 1, 2016

Blowing like stink...

Of course it is - today is a travel day.  It rained last night; I'm guessing it was blowing horizontal by the sounds of it.  In the middle of all that, someone was up way earlier than we were... making a lot of noise (the sounds of breaking camp).

We have unhooked all untilities except electric; had the slides pulled in.  Yes, it makes for a narrow coach, but less surface area presented to the wind; some protection for the awnings over the slides.

So, when we are ready this morning, all we have to do is pull up the jacks, unhook power, hook up the trailer, and we are ready to roll.  Weather along the route doesn't look "easy" (mostly strong wind), but we need to be off this site today... so we are moving.  We will hunker down along the way, if necessary.

See ya on the road.

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