Saturday, February 27, 2016

Now what?

Busy morning.  We had a couple free buffets that needed to be eaten, and the Riverside has a good breakfast buffet.  Free is my favorite price, and a never-ending supply of bacon just can't be beat.

We were all spruced up for the day before heading down to the casino.  No line at the buffet.  Joan went for the omelet bar, I went for the big ol' tub of bacon.  We had a nice, laid-back breakfast.  Joan looked at her watch and said, "If we go now, we can catch the 9:15 movie."

That would be 9:15 am.

She wanted to see "Room."  It is a harrowing story about a woman who has been taken captive years ago; she has given birth, and the viewers come in as the boy is turning 5 years old and never seen the world outside their "room."  Not exactly cheery Saturday morning stuff, but the story kept you involved.  Two thumbs up from us.

After the movie, Joan was feeling the pull of the casino.  I was feeling the pull of Joan.  She came out a bit ahead.  I didn't.

A beautiful, warm day here in the desert - we decided to walk back to the motorhome instead of taking the shuttlebus.

Back at the motorhome in time for Izzy's noon meal.

Now what do we do with the rest of the day?  ;-)

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