Friday, February 26, 2016

Well, I'll be dammed...

The other side of the dam, that is.

Today, we were out and about on the scoots.  Beautiful, warm day - high in the low 80s; lots of sunshine.  The nearby In & Out Burger for lunch (celebrating Burger Friday for Steph and Dan), then a ride before making a grocery run.

Davis Dam is close to Laughlin.  It is the facility that controls the water flow for the part of the Colorado River that we were on yesterday.  Ahead of the dam is a nice marina area (Katherine's Landing) that is on the Lake Mead National Recreation area.  Not really a part of Lake Mead, but that is the controlling agency.  The water above Davis Dam is Lake Mohave.

The Geezer Pass got us in (otherwise, it is $20 for the day).  Pretty area...

Pretty area.  Not as big as Lake Mead and the marina facilities there, but not as many people around here.  They are doing some construction on the roads in the park, so hardly any traffic here.

The grocery run: we rode into Bullhead City for a stop at Safeway.  The place was packed.  Laughlin is a small(ish) gambling town; across the river in Bullhead, it is... well, I don't know what brings people here, but there seems to be an interesting collection of desert dwellers.  We didn't go the extra few miles to go to Walmart, but we could have scored well with the People of Walmart Bingo here.

One thing on the shopping list today: ice cream.  That means: get back to the motorhome as quick as possible, so it doesn't melt.  We took the side street out of Safeway to have access to the main road with a stoplight.  Obviously, they don't use the same road engineers as the California stoplight folks - this was a really short light for that side street.  Barely 4 cars could get through before it turned yellow.  And there was a car a few in front of us that was unfamiliar with the custom of "go when the light turns green."  No, we don't have a schedule... but, we do have ice cream.  And thanks to a series of short time stoplights, we got to be behind that car for a while.

I put the scoots away while Joan took the groceries in.  She tells me the ice cream survived intact.  Whew!

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