Sunday, March 6, 2016

Head is in it...

We're pretty much ready to hit the road.  On Tuesday.

What's that?  It's only Sunday?  Are you sure??

Just kiddin'.  We tried to fool Mother Nature by having a Tuesday departure.  She countered with a weather front moving in today.  It was originally supposed to be a wind and rain event.  Just wind today.  We decided it was a good time to get the cargo trailer ready.

We have nice ride-on chocks and tie-downs for the scoots.  Didn't plan for a couple big ass folding electric bikes.  But, with some tying and padding, I think we are ready for the road.

The neighbor said, "Looks like you need a bigger trailer!"

"Or, we need to leave some stuff behind."  That will be a better solution.

We did get a ride in this morning.  That pedal assist is really nice when riding into the wind.  My buddy Mike called this morning; we talked about his bike ride to the hardware store.  In the wind.

On the RV park front, there have been 10 to 12 open sites in the pull-through area since we got here... and were told, "We are completely full."  On this morning's ride, I counted 17 empty sites in that area.  For the record, the sites where we are currently are much bigger - but, they don't allow cargo trailers in this area.  Because... OK, I can't think of any good reason for that stupid, arbitrary rule, but it is their park, not mine.

Joan tried to negotiate with the office person, even offering to move to a different site during our stay.  Nope, they are "completely full."  Except for the part where they aren't.

But, I digress.  As usual.  Joan told the lady that we have no way to move the cargo trailer; "We borrowed a truck from one of our daughter's friends and that isn't available this week."

So, we just parked the cargo trailer on our site.  No one said anything.  Our site looked much neater than those who had their stuff spread out all over their site.

Nothing bad happened.

There is a NASCAR event here this week.  Some RVers will come into a nearby park for a night, to dump tanks, fill up their fresh water, and make sure the batteries are all topped off.  Then go spend the week out at PIR (Phoenix International Raceway).

Gentlemen - start your engines!

In the meantime, we have our heads into getting back to the Tropical Tip. 

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