Sunday, March 6, 2016


We had a great day with Steph and Dan yesterday.  Besides the well-documented "Tastee Day," we had a great time with our kids.  Steph and I came back to the motorhome to feed and walk Izzy.  Steph is learning the cat-walking technique - Izzy has it down.

When we came back to the motorhome, Izzy got another walk, then Joan and I settled in for the evening.  Had an adult beverage.  Watched a movie.  It was a nice evening - we had the windows and door open (screen shut).  About that time, Joan noticed... the screen door is open!

We immediately looked all around the coach for Izzy... not here!  My heart was in my throat.  There are coyotes in this area; we frequently hear they yipping at night.  And lament about people who let their animals out to roam free.

I grabbed a flashlight and looked under the motorhome, the cargo trailer, and the car.  No Izzy.  It was around 10:00, so I wandered the nearby neighborhood... trying to quietly call her.  Joan went the other direction, flashlights searching.  We regrouped back at the motorhome... no Izzy.

I don't want to tell you what thoughts went through my mind.  Izzy is skittish around other people, but she will walk right up to big dogs.  She stands her ground, not realizing she is an 8 pound cat.  We have to find her!

When I came back to the motorhome for the third time, there was a shadow by the front wheel of the car... Izzy!  Joan approached her from one side, me from the other.  Joan opened the door of the motorhome, and Iz walked right in... just like she does after our walks... on a leash.

There was no scolding, just relief.  She got a thorough brushing before bed.  And a lot of hugs.

(Photo taken yesterday morning)...

The screen door was latched.  We'll be watching that a lot closer.

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