Sunday, March 20, 2016

Welcome, Spring...

The official start of spring - the vernal equinox.  The weasels here were calling this weekend "a cold front."  Well, it did only get up to 67º here today, but it was sunny, with a chilly wind.

We made a run to Brownsville - no jackets necessary for this "cold front."  Shopping, lunch out, then back home.  Traffic wasn't bad in either direction.

At home, little Isabella wanted to go for a walk.  I clipped her leash on and we explored around the house, down the street a bit, then back home.  Her first venture outside, other than some time with us on the deck earlier this week.  I like to see my little furry girl happy out in the fresh air.

I like the fact that it is light until almost 8:00 pm.  Another couple weeks and the crowds will slack off again.  Yeah, there will be more spring break crowds.  Some overlap with the Holy Week crowd (lots of Mexican nationals come to SPI for the holiday).  The winter Texans are looking to head north.  Along about April or so, it will be quiet for another month or so.

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