Friday, April 22, 2016

The view...

No, not the TV show with everyone talking over each other... some views while riding around our island today.

I took a few photos of our friends' house in progress, then set out to get some exercise.  77ยบ while I was riding - it felt nice when riding into the wind; riding with the wind, you could feel the humidity.  It is blowing around 15 mph this afternoon - pretty typical here.

Looking south, it looks like there is a ship going through the greenery...

The ship is heading west, in the Brownsville Ship Channel - a 15 mile man-made channel leading to the Port of Brownsville.

Looking east towards South Padre Island...

With the wind blowing out of the east, it makes for some chop in the Laguna Madre... the color isn't as pretty as it has been the last couple days.

Good to be out and about.

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