Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Looks are deceiving...

You're thinking to yourself: "Maybe he isn't as dumb as he looks?"

Real nice.  While sitting in the restaurant yesterday, I was gazing fondly on the CR-V.  I like the lines of it.  The pearl white looks good.  We tried to get a rear hitch for it before we head out... nope, back-ordered.  We have that really nice bike rack, but it requires a 2" receiver hitch.  "I wonder if those e-bikes will fit in the back of the Honda?"

Today was "start arranging" day: kind of the pre-packing before the packing.  Joan to see what we have room for in the cargo trailer.  I wanted to try putting the fat tire e-bikes in the Honda.  Yes, the e-bikes are folders... even folded, they seem big.  I folded the bike (you have to move the headlight) and... no problem - plenty of room for it in the cargo area of the Honda.  Plenty of room for another one right beside it.

We are trying to make arrangements for getting the Honda ready to tow.  This is the RV season, and we are getting short on time.  Time to get gear sent here, and time to get it installed.  We'll see how this plays out.

We went through stuff; consolidated tools.  Hard to think about cold weather gear when it is in the 80s, sunny, and humid here right now.  For some perspective: it is 59º and sunny in Friday Harbor right now... and it will be colder than that out on the water.  Wiping the sweat off my brow while deciding which gloves to take.  ;-)

Herbicide and insecticide.  No, not lunch; it is time to spray for weeds and bugs.  We have paver stones on both sides of the house; not much grass.  Joan pruned the hibiscus.  Our association dues takes care of the lawn mowing, so we don't have much in the way of yard work... but Joan prunes and encourages stuff, I kill stuff.  Well, prevent it from getting in or growing; not like I'm the Terminator.

Izzy came out on the deck with us while we were sorting through stuff.  For a while.  Then she said, "I'm going back inside where it is air conditioned."  Smart cat.  Cute, too...

"Whew!  The heat takes it all out of me - I need a nap..."

Me, too.

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