Monday, May 30, 2016

Settling in...

For a week.

We love to spend time with our daughter and son-in-law.  We have to, when one considers the hot weather and living in a motorhome.  I was once told, "There is nothing hotter or colder than an RV."  Meaning: extremes in weather are not an RV's forte.

The Winnebago is comfortable for the 3 of us, but to keep it liveable when it is this hot, we have to keep the sun out... all day long.  So, this nice - some might say "airy" - motorhome is more like a cave in this weather.  The MCD duo shades are a nice touch, but they have to be down to keep the sun and heat out.  And the a/c has to run almost all day long to keep the cool in.  The sun laughs at our dual pane windows.

Izzy gets to have a small bedroom window with the shade up, so she can see out all day.  We people types get to go out and about.  Not on the scoots, but in an air conditioned car.

The 10 day local forecast...

116º this Saturday??  Yabut, it's a "dry heat."  Yeah, I wasn't puking, I only had the "dry heaves," so that is a LOT better.  ;-)

We went out with Steph and Dan for breakfast, and they are taking us out for an early Father's Day meal tonight.  In air conditioned restaurants.  They have a pool in their back yard - I may have to take advantage of that... if the water isn't too hot!


On edit:

Steph and Dan took us out for an early Father's Day celebration.  Fleming's Steakhouse - very nice!


M. J. Shelton said...

Yeah, dry heat like Auschwitz!

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Yeah, without the whole being gassed or shot thing.