Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Swallowed 'em...

We bought a really cool bike rack for our e-bikes.  A great fit with the truck.  Now that the truck is gone, replaced by the Honda CR-V, there is no place for that bike rack.  Because it doesn't have a hitch on the back.  There is a hitch for the Honda waiting for us at Steph and Dan's place in Phoenix.

In the meantime, the CR-V swallowed up those big ol' fat tire bikes, with plenty of room left over.  It helps that they bikes fold; but even folded, they are beasts.  We strapped the bikes in place with Velcro and bungee cords.  Feels solid.  To make sure the bikes don't scar up that pretty interior, I put some blocks of styrofoam under the frame support on the bikes, and between any part of the bikes that could potentially rub against the car interior.

With all but the last minute stuff to load into the RV, we cleaned up - it if was a sweatball competition, I was far in the lead.  Joan probably worked harder than I did, but I was outside more today... and it was hot and humid.  It felt good to just sit for a bit.

Joan suggested a late lunch/early dinner at Russo's, with some pizza left over for snacks on the road.  I was completely in favor of that idea.  And, no one has to cook or clean.  As we pulled away from the house, in the Honda, with the bikes in back... the styrofoam began creaking.  Not a friendly little squeek, but a chorus of horrendous creaks.  It was funny for the first 30 seconds or so... and then Joan began to consider the consequences of driving across the roads in west Texas with creaking louder than the stereo will blast.  "We have to do something about that!"

I said, "The Honda is a lot quieter than the motorhome - it only seems fair that you should get to enjoy..."  That little voice in my head interrupted the voice coming out of my mouth: "Yeah, I'm sure some wash cloths wrapped around that styrofoam will quiet it down a bunch."  Whew!

Yes, we will be driving separate to Phoenix.  I'll be in the motorhome, Joan will be driving the CR-V.  I am not looking forward to that drive without some friendly conversation.  And, a pretty Blonde to navigate.  Although we have made this trek dozens of times.  I'm guessing Izzy will ride with me, since she likes to burrow between the pillow shams on the bed.

By the time we leave Phoenix, the Honda will be set up for towing... being towed behind the motorhome and being able to tow the cargo trailer or haul the bikes on the back, as the situation allows.  Well, that is the plan.  The RV service place that is doing the tow bar install is supposed to have the parts in hand before we get there.  We'll see how that plays out.

On the bright side, when we are down for the night on our trek across, if we want to go out for supper, it is going to be easier with the CR-V.  And not having to unstrap scoots.

Plus, we are looking forward to seeing Steph and Dan.  Last week, they finished their 15th and final year teaching at Rainbow Valley.  They are moving to another school district where they will continue to mold young minds.  We are excited for them with this move.  We will get to see their schools while we are there.

We are ready to get rolling with this season!  The motorhome... the CR-V... the scoots... the e-bikes.  You can't take it all, but I am looking forward to our changes, too.


MarkJ said...

Was wondering what schools the kids are moving to. Having attended some Phoenix area schools a million years ago my daughters having done the same for a few of their years, I was a little interested. AND have some VERY safe travels up to Wonderland!!! Can't wait to see J Pod again!!!

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Thanks, Mark. I don't recall the name of the new school district where our daughter and son-in-law will be teaching. I'll get refreshed next week. I'll just say that the district they were in the previous 15 years has made some changes that are going to adversely affect the students and staff... and it was a tough decision for them, and that previous school district has essentially run off many caring teachers.