Friday, June 3, 2016


We had a fun evening with the 4 of us at the local Bingo hall.  Not sure why this has become "a thing" when we're here, 'cause we don't play Bingo any other time.  It's a pretty casual atmosphere: you can bring in refreshments, and they have food and ice cream for sale, as well.

I think there were 18 games we played... on the third game in, Dan won the $75 pot.  Pays for their cost to play, plus he bought us all ice cream at intermission.  I mentioned it was my turn to win, since the other 3 have all won in the past... apparently, I had unlisted numbers on my bingo cards... again.

Well, for full disclosure, I did get one Bingo!  It was on a blackout 50/50 game... and all but 2 numbers had been called.  The lady called the number, and I hollered, "Bingo!"... along with Joan, Steph, Dan, and another 33 of our best friends.  Kinda funny, actually.  Since it was a 50/50 game, and not part of the "regular" bingo cards, the payoff is based on how many people participate in that particular game... the winnings turned out to be a whole dollar for each of the 37 winners.  Most of the pots are $75 to $150, with two big pots of $1,000.  Here are our winning cards...

I did get close a couple times.  That pays... nothing. 

One stinkin' number.  For the last $1,000 jackpot, I was two numbers away for about 15 calls before someone else got the Bingo.

I think I understand the whole premise of Bingo: one person calls out numbers, until another person in the group calls out "Bingo!", at which point the other participants all say, "Awwwwwwww!"  I think it should be called, "Awwwwwww!"

It was a fun evening.  And, did I mention: ice cream?  Oh, and the air conditioning was good, too.

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