Tuesday, June 21, 2016


When we're here on San Juan Island, it isn't all watching whales and playing on the scoots.  Just like real life, we have to grocery shop, clean, do laundry.

Joan will call me a curmudgeon, but the prices at the laundromat went up... $7 per load to wash.  $1 for 8 minutes to dry.  And due to a bunch of new uniforms, we had an extra load this week.  Around $30 for laundry.  Yeah, "it's an island."  And, a captive audience.  The only other laundromat is down that the marina.

Besides the extra expense, there is the issue of storage in a small "dwelling."  Fortunately, Joan is a wiz when it comes to organizing.

A tag on the exhaust fan in the bathroom had come partially unstuck... and was, of course, hitting the fan blades.  It sounded like putting a playing card on the spokes of a bicycle.  ;-)  I got out the ladder and climbed up on top to get that tag (and another that might try the same thing) off.

Holding tank dumping day, too.  In the boat, we would have to unplug, untie, and move it to the pump-out station.  With the motorhome, we are connected to sewer, so it is easier.

Izzy is not a fan of the vacuum cleaner, so she and I went for a walk while Joan ran the vacuum around the coach.

On the bright side, the work is mostly done by lunch.  Time for a break.  ;-)

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