Friday, June 24, 2016

Crew training. And, whales...

No photos.  I simply didn't have the opportunity to get the camera out today.

New crew training this morning.  We have good naturalists/first mates, but there are now 4 boats that they need to be trained on.  We are into the season, so the only option is coming in early.

Man overboard, fires, docking procedures, all the other safety items on the boat, plus all that goes along with prepping and putting the boat away.

I had a decent report for transient whales - in the Canadian Gulf Islands, but certainly reachable with the boat I was driving today.  It took just over an hour to get to the transients, just in time to see the results of them making a kill.  We were able to stay with the whales for about an hour before heading back.

The "scenic route" got us some seals (it is pupping season, so there are some cute baby seals out there) and a couple bald eagles.

Nice people on the boat, and the naturalist (her first trip on this boat) did a fine job.

More work when we got back: fueling up, dodging ferries, a new person at the fuel dock who didn't know how to tie off a boat, then back to our dock and learning how to put the boat away for the day.

Yeah, no time for photos.

It was getting late when we got home, but little Iz did get a walk outside.  With the rain, it has been a couple days.  She is a happy girl.

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