Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Not "stacks of wax" - anyone remember that phrase from the days of listening to radio?  Before satellite radio.  And satellite TV.  Well, around the time of the first satellites.  ;-)

No, I'm not talking about that.

The second of our days off.  We took the Honda (the white one with four wheels) into town for breakfast.  With bellies full (you don't leave the Hungry Clam with a partially full belly), we walked around town a bit.

I stopped to admire a small motorcycle...

An REV Super Hornet.  With a name like that, it is definitely Chinese.  Has the drive system attached to the rear wheel - like a scooter.  No shift mechanism, so a CVT transmission.  Interesting.

As we walked up the street, Joan stopped in a hair salon to see if they could get her in this week or next.  One of the stylists was just finishing, so "How about right now?"

When she was getting her hair cut, I went back home... to take Izzy outside and take a minute to look up that motorcycle.  Yep, Chinese.  Yep, CVT transmission.  8 horsepower, 150cc; our PCXes have 13.5 hp with 153cc.  Seems that Honda knows better how to get more power out of a similar size motor.  Still, kind of a neat design.  What looks like a gas tank is actually storage - enough for a full-face helmet.  One review said it was "fun, but slow."  Yeah, I think I'll stick with the PCX (fun, and peppy).

I came back into town, did some banking, and Joan wasn't done.  I moved the car out of the bank parking and walked around.  Still not done.  I sat and read a boating magazine.  When she was done, we went to the local used book store.  This is the part about "stacks"...

There was a path through the aisles... a bit like an episode of Hoarders.  But, it was very organized and the lady at the desk knew right where to take Joan for the quilting books she wanted to look at.  I walked around a bit, but there was barely room for two people to pass in an aisle, so I found a chair and sat out of the way.  Joan found 3 books, including one on "Hippie Styles"... looking at old photos at Steph's must have had some influence on her.  ;-)

From there, it was off to the crafts store.  Nothing crafty I was looking for, but Joan just wanted to see what they have there.  It is a good size store, with a little bit of everything crafty.  I did more standing - no "guy chairs" like some women's clothing stores have.

What's that?  You think I need to turn in my Man Card?  Just 'cause I stood around a bunch?  Holding her purse?  Nah, she is patient with me when I want to look in a music store or a motorcycle shop.  It's what we do for each other.  Isn't that right, Honey?


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