Wednesday, July 6, 2016

An early day of work...

Wednesday is generally a day off for us.  I was asked to work today and said, "Sure."  Joan said she'd be able to get more cleaning done around the coach without me... seems that this will work.

It was a chilly ride to Roche Harbor this morning.  I expected the party dock would have been moved by now.  Nope.  We had almost as many children as adults on today's cruise.  Nice folks.  The only reports I received were for humpbacks way south and Orcas way north.  I've described finding whales a bit like playing chess: you make a move, they make a move... you evaluate their move and make your next move.  If you have good info, it makes the decisions easier.  This wasn't what I would call a solid report, since no one was actually with the whales... no idea how many.

One of our Friday Harbor boats was heading to the same area, on a different route, and ahead of us.  They got to the whales and gave us some solid info.  It was a long ways to get there, and so worth it... 3 transient Orcas, nicely surface active, and moving right along.  Our first view...

Not long after we got there, our other boat had to head out.  Like "tag team."  We did have to dodge a couple BC Ferries during our viewing...

As usual, busy at the helm; but trying to get a shot when I could...

By the time we were ready to leave, a couple other boats had come on the scene.  Tag.

The waves and current were with me on the way north... yeah, they means they will be a hindrance on the way back.  No issue, it was a lovely sunny day, cool, and happy guests.  It wasn't much out of the way to get the guests the opportunity to see a couple eagles and a bunch of harbor seals sunning out on the rocks...

Interesting cloud formation...

Pretty views...

I thought the Roche Harbor dock staff would move the party dock while we were gone.  Nope.  One more opportunity to turn, rotate, back, rotate, and ease it in.  One guest shook my hand and gave me a nice gratuity: "This is for that docking maneuver - that was impressive."

As the last of our guests got off the boat, a guy from the dock staff came up to our boat: "Are you going out for a second trip today?"

"Did you want to move the party dock?" I asked.

"Well, yeah.  I was going to get it done while you were gone, but there were too many boats at the fuel dock."  (right across from us)

"Welcome to my world.  How about we take this to the far end of the fuel dock?  It will take us a while to top off our tanks - does that give you time to move that dock?"

He said, "That would be great!"

Not just for him.  We moved to the furthest spot on the fuel dock; topped off tanks and pumped out our holding tank.  And smiled as the party dock moved out of our way.

Back to our normal tie off...

Nice to be where we can just slide in.  Oh, the dinghies will still be encroaching on our slip through the rest of the summer, but it shouldn't be as crazy as this past weekend.  For the record, there are signs on the dock that say, "Authorized Docking Only."  That means: anyone but us doesn't belong there.  Funny how some people think that doesn't apply to them.

Dodging some road construction on the way home, Joan had the grill set up, steaks marinating, baked potatoes and corn ready.  First steaks I've grilled since we got here.  Eating like grown-ups.  :-)

She was a busy lady today.


Ron, Mac 26X, KS said...

Hi Jim,

Do the whales keep out of the ferry's path, or does the ferry just plow through?

Seems at their speed and power, whales might not fair so well in a collision.

Great pics. Love the area.


Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Hi Ron,

I've never seen the ferries go over the whales; the water is plenty deep in most places around here, so the whales would have plenty of room to maneuver below. These animals are very smart; for the most part, they seem indifferent to the boats. Sometimes curious, but they are fast and powerful (can hit burst speeds of 30 knots).

Besides the ferries, there is ship traffic in the straits and Boundary Pass. Don't know about the whales, but I sure stay out of the way!

How's the healing process going?