Friday, July 1, 2016

Random musings...

I woke up abruptly at 5:15 this morning.  Not an alarm clock, but the calf muscles in one leg decided to clench up... hurts like hell!  Apologetically, it isn't a quiet situation.  So, we were all up.

Watching local weather, they are calling for a 20% chance of precip today.  Looking at the hourly forecasts, there is a 10% chance for an hour this morning and a 10% chance of for an hour this afternoon.  Do they add those together to come up with 20%??

Stereo.  Not music.  Snoring.  Joan had Izzy on one side of her, me on the other.  Apparently, we were both snoring.  Izzy has a cute little snore... I'm guessing mine is, too.

The young lady who does the scheduling asked if I could work an extra day this next week.  It's going to be a long weekend.


Happy Canada Day!


More expensive to buy gas in Washington today.

A new 5¢ per gallon increase in gas taxes means those of us in Washington will be paying more for gas.  If you have an electric car, you get to pay more, too: a $50 increase for registration for electric cars to help offset what they don't pay in those extra gas taxes.

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