Tuesday, August 16, 2016


That's the sound Izzy made (instead of "meow") when we first got her.  Today, the "e" is for E-bike.

With all the road work being done around here, we haven't been riding the e-bikes.  This morning, after going out for breakfast, I was ready for some e-biking.  Joan was busy being a domestic engineer, and this would get me out of her way, as well.

I got the bike off the back of the coach - sure do like that Hollywood Rack we bought for these bikes - it allows us to lock them in place, but remove them relatively quickly.  With the road to Cattle Point done, I decided to ride that way... going the route we usually do on the scoots to take us by False Bay.

It was a cool morning (62º when I took off); I figured I would work up some heat pedaling up and down the hills... I didn't anticipate the fog rolling in over False Bay...

Combine that with the tree-lined road much of the way (shady), and it was down right chilly!

From False Bay, it is mostly open pasture.  Two lane road, but not much traffic on this side road.  When I got to Bailer Hill Road, there were no lines marked for the shoulders - glad I had my flashing red LED tail light on the bike.

It was a good workout up and down the hills... good for these achy ol' bones that spend a lot of time standing at a boat helm.  I was tired when I got back home, but a good kinda tired.

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