Thursday, August 25, 2016

The countdown continues...

Back to work today.  Driving out of Roche Harbor, the early report had the whales west of Constance Bank (south of Vancouver Island).

We had a full boat, and the tide/currents were not going to be in our favor.  Fortunately, the whales moved east and a bit north at a good pace.  By the time we were heading out of the harbor, it was looking good.  We cruised down the west side of San Juan Island - bright sunshine and a north breeze... and warm.  You could feel the cool air coming off the water of Haro Strait, but going with the wind... warm.

The whales came across Haro Strait, and we met up with them a few miles offshore from False Bay.  Our first view...

J-Pod... and, the boys are back in town...

They slowed their pace and moved slowly up-island... walking us back home.  It was a delightful, relaxed viewing.

We looked, hoping to find J-14 (Samish) in the mix - she has not been seen since the end of July.  These animals always travel with their family, so that likely means she is deceased.  Sad.  She was 42 years old.  There is another female in that matriline who appears very malnutritioned (we did not see her today)... that does not bode well.

No one was on a schedule today, so I spent extra time with the whales.  Haro Strait was nearly calm (see the water in the above photos).  Nice to have a bit of flexibility.

A very nice start to my second to the last work week.  :-)

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