Thursday, October 20, 2016

Civic responsibility...

I just sealed the envelope.  Yes, I voted.

I make it a point to not get political on this blog.  I have voted in every Presidential election since I have been old enough to vote.  I have never felt an internal struggle when it came time to pull the lever or fill out the ballot... I have always been able to cast my vote, believing that if my choice didn't win, the country would still be with capable leadership... maybe not going the direction I think we should go (my choice hasn't always been the winner of the race), but still capable and deserving of my respect.

Until this election.

I had to vote with my country in mind, not my personal feelings.  A lot of people have said they have to pick the lessor of two evils.  Seems to me that our choice this time around is for the lessor of two egomaniacs and liars.  I can't believe this is the best we can elevate to the highest office in the land.

My preference would have been to push the reset button and start over, but I couldn't stomach another lengthy political season.  And... it wasn't an option on the ballot.

It is done.  We shall not speak of this again.  I feel like I need to take a shower.

Perhaps it is a sign... looking outside after sealing that envelope...

Nasty looking sky.

It has been hot and humid since we got home.  A cold front will roll through the area this evening - this is the precursor.  It should be cooler and less humid behind the front.  Maybe a sign that there is good ahead?  Not talking about the weather.


Harper Wilson said...

Jim, I agree with your conclusion regarding this election completely...depressing!
Harper Wilson

Hudson River Boater said...

Can't wait till it's over--