Sunday, November 13, 2016

Remember when you were a kid...

Yeah, that was a long time ago.  But think back to when you got a Christmas toy, like a bicycle, and there was snow up to your hind-end outside... or, you got a sled, and it was the driest, warmest Christmas on record.

Kinda what it felt like to this over-grown kid.  I got up this morning, thinking I would take the new boat out for a spin; opened the blinds and... rain.  Checking the hourly forecasts: rain all day.  I was thinking I'd like to get the GPS set up.  Joan said, "Well, you can put up the bimini and maybe stay out of the rain."

"Nooooo, I'm fine."

If you look close, you can see the "dimples" in the water, from the raindrops.

We talked about keeping the trailer here until we were sure all was good with the boat.  With one trip out, I am feeling good that everything checks out.  We hauled the boat trailer to our storage unit.  I had paced it out before deciding it would fit in there, along with the motorhome.  I was convinced of that until we pulled up in front of the storage unit... seems the trailer grew a bit while being towed in the rain.

I pulled the motorhome out, then backed the trailer in.  Unhooked from the Honda, it is easy to move that trailer around by hand.  We put it at a diagonal, then pulled the motorhome back in - yep, it all fits just fine...

The rain was light while we were at the storage unit, but picked up a lot on the way home.

I guess there will be no viewing of the Super Moon here tonight, either.

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