Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Well, that was easy...

I signed on for an account with a large guitar shop, well known for their customer service.  "One click ordering"... what could be easier?

I know my name.  I am pretty sure about my address.  Same with my e-mail.  I've had the same phone number for about 20 years.

You know when you sign up for an account (so you can order stuff), and they have to send you an e-mail to verify that you are signing up for an account?  Well, I did that.  Except, a verifying e-mail never came.  These guys are supposed to be known for their great customer service - what's up with that?  When I clicked on the site, it said, "Welcome, James," so it knew me... but, without the verifying e-mail, I can't order anything.

Don't get all worked up - I don't need another guitar... but, I do need some strings; have to keep fresh strings on 'em.

I clicked on my account and discovered... I left out a letter in the e-mail address.  I got into my account to "edit e-mail."  The reply: "That e-mail address is already taken."

By whom?  After checking with a Customer Service Rep, and admitting that I screwed up, I was told, "We can't change your e-mail address - you have to do that."  I signed out, then signed in again using that correct e-mail address.  It knew me.  Go figure?  I filled in the rest of my info and ordered my strings.  After fussing with it for a couple hours.

Really, from here on, it should be "one click easy."

Twenty minutes after order the strings, I got an e-mail letting me know they have been shipped; with a tracking number.  That was fast.  And, one click easy.  :-)

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