Sunday, January 8, 2017

No cabin fever...

It was in the 40s when I got up this morning, a full 10º warmer than yesterday at the same time.  Still quite a ways below normal, but not "bitter" when I went outside to check on the boat.  The wind has dropped to single digits, and that makes a real difference.

Nothing on the agenda for today, but Joan was in a cooking kinda mood... which worked out really nice, 'cause I was in an eating kinda mood.

Waffles and sausage for breakfast.  Home made chili for lunch - it fills the house with good smells.  Even better smells: double fudge brownies... they were ready before the chili, so I got to have dessert first!  My favorite way to do it, just in case you get filled up with all that "regular food" before dessert.  ;-)

There was time for some guitar playing.  Watched a live interview on YouTube with friend Steven Roberts; the Laid-back Bike Report talked to him about his time traveling the country on 3 different teched-out recumbent bikes.  Interesting to watch the live stream, even more so hearing about Steven's travels.

Last night, while the wind was still howling, I heard a crash out on our deck - a palm branch from the yard two down from us hit our railing, then landed out on the dock.  I went out to check what caused the ruckus, but waited until today to pick up that and other palm branches.  My big outing for the day.

It was 62º when I carted the palm branches to the street.  The grounds crew will take over from there.  Almost back to normal, weather-wise.

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