Saturday, January 7, 2017

Who's in charge?

I would like to talk to someone in Customer Service in Mother Nature's weather department.  Of course, they have probably out-sourced that to the Tooth Fairy, or maybe Santa's elves?

Yes, I have a complaint.  I live at latitude 26, which puts us in a sub-tropical climate zone.  We live on the coast, where the water is supposed to have a "moderating effect"... not as hot when it is warm inland, not as chilly when it is cold inland.

The National Weather Service issued a "Wind Chill Warning" for coastal areas last night and this morning.  I am not kidding: the local weather weasels were explaining what "wind chill" means last night.  The local population here knows "the heat index" which means: if it is 90º and the humidity is high (like, around 374%), it feels like it is "hotter than the gates of Hell."  When we lived in the frozen northland, we got to experience wind chill.  Way too often.

Why the weather lesson?  It was 34º this morning, and the wind is out of the north at about a thousand miles per hour.  I had to put on a winter coat to go 6 steps out the door and look over the railing to check on the boat.  To make sure the wind had not blown it to Mexico.  In the wind chill.

Yes, I rolled my eyes when the weather weasels said, "Break out your winter weather gear" a couple days ago.  Women wear fur-collar sweaters and Uggs when it gets down to 60º here.  I stepped outside for a second last night, then came back inside to get my coat.  I am candy-ass when it comes to the cold.

There were warnings on TV last night to: bring pets inside and cover delicate plants.  They didn't say anything about delicate husbands.  I am covered: a long sleeve shirt and sweat-pants.  The electric fireplace is adding ambiance.  And warmth.  Little Izzy is inside.  That's nothing new - little Izzy is always inside.  We turned on the electric blanket last night - Izzy is a big fan of that.  Me, too.

It is supposed to be back to 70º by Monday.  I know I will have to go out before that (garbage needs to go to the dumpster)... I will wait 'till the "warmest" part of the day.  And, put on my "winter weather gear."


The temperature this morning...

Checking on the boat - you can see "cold" in a photograph...

I think they may have said, "Bring your boat inside" on the weather this morning.  Poor thing.


Bud said...

Life's not fair.

While we get to enjoy a sunny and windless 14 degrees this morning, you are suffering with wind chill.

Have you winterized all of your equipment??????


Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Hi Bud. 34º was as low as it got - no need to winterize. 50s this morning, and climbing. Wind is down to single digits. And that is winter in the Tropical Tip... if you can just manage to hunker down for a day or two, the warmth comes back. Should be 70º tomorrow.

For the record, the cabin fever of a whole day inside got to me yesterday - out for lunch. Pizza. Because pizza makes everything better. ;-)

Stay warm.