Tuesday, March 14, 2017


For the record, I am not against gravity.  I would put myself in the pro-gravity category.  I like waterfalls... really, what fun would it be if all that water just hung there?  Yeah, and basketball - a jump ball situation would suck... OK, bring out another ball, that one floated off into space.  Right?

We dealt with some kitty stuff today.  Not our sweet girl, but two of our grandcats are having tummy issues.  We put ourselves on poop and clean-up patrol.  And feeding.  Administering some meds.  I learned something new today: Alfie spits.  He was not a happy boy.  It took both of us to hold him down to give him the meds.  Strong boy.

We did get some time to hunt down some anti-gravity chairs.  Don't believe it - the chairs do not float.  Nor are you weightless when in said chairs.  We have one of these at home... we call it "the beast," because it weighs about 300 pounds and takes up the space of refrigerator.  Yes, I am exaggerating... it weighs about 310 pounds and takes up the space of a Snap-On rolling tool box.  I bought it, but Joan likes to sit in it.  We have carted it all around with us, even giving it a special place in our cargo trailer... because it weighs about the same and takes up about as much space as one of our scooters.  Yes, kidding again.  A little.

We looked at some of these chairs when attending the RV shows/sales/rallies/conventions (pick one or two) we've done in the past month.  They were all similar to "the beast."  We are looking for something smaller and definitely lighter to haul around.  Joan found a possibility at Lowe's... even had the aisle number and bin position.

Or course, they weren't there.  We looked all around the aisles on either side of where their website said they were.  Joan pressed the button to get assistance.  A few minutes later, a very nice young man (my new friend Erick) was there to help us.  Nope - they weren't where the website said they'd be... which we already knew.  Erick didn't give up.  One aisle over and way up high, he found three of them on a shelf beyond the reach of any NBA player.  He said, "I'll get a ladder."

A few minutes later, he came back with an electric lift.  He stepped into it, strapped himself to it, and raised up... "You want two of them?"

"Well, yeah, if they are small enough and light enough."

Lowe and behold (see what I did there?) - they passed the lift test.  He cracked open a box so we could try one to make sure it is comfortable.  The one we have at home is considered an "extra large" (as are any others we've seen), with a 26" width seating area.  These have a 19" seating area.  I looked back at my ass... looks bigger than 19" to me.  "Let's give it a try."

Joan went first and declared it comfortable.  I went next.  Almost went over backwards - so much for that whole "anti-gravity" thing.  I invited Erick to give it a test-sit.  "I'm good."  He even carried one of the boxes to the checkout for us.  I wouldn't call them lightweight, but they are less than half the poundage of our bigger version.  Sold.

We brought them back to the coach, opened the other box and set them out on our patio area...

The light blue ones.  We didn't have time to try 'em both out - heading to Steph and Dan's to meet Steph for a trip to the vet for her furry boy; Joan is going along.  I'm home to spend some time with our furry girl.

When Joan gets here, we'll go out on the patio and play "Astronaut and the naughty space invader."  But, that's really none of your business.

That folding chair in the back is my "guitar chair"... really... bought it just for playing guitar outside - no arms to scratch a guitar and an upright seating position.  I guess that would be a gravity chair.  We should be good on chairs for a while.


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