Sunday, March 26, 2017

Double date...

I took my Honey to a movie today.  Along with a couple whippersnappers.

Steph and Dan are nearing the end of their spring break.  We are nearing the end of our time in the desert.  Well, they are way closer than we are, since it is back to school tomorrow for them.

The "comfortable seats" theater, where we saw CHiPS.  I've seen some less than enthusiastic reviews... mostly that it is not true to the original series and is pretty much just another buddy-cop movie.  Well... yeah.  On both counts.  The TV series took itself pretty serious - this does not.  There were a few plot twists, but the movie is more about the action, the riding, and some occasional comedy to go along with the action.

I enjoyed it.  My date and the other couple also felt it was a good time at the movies.  It isn't going to win an academy award, plays it pretty much by the buddy/bro formula, and does a decent job with that.

The double date will continue with some grillin' and eatin'.

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