Friday, March 31, 2017

Gettin' naked...

There is a difference between "naked" and "nekkid"... naked means you have no clothes on; nekkid means you have no clothes on and you're up to something.  Today, we were up to something.

Fully attired, however.

Joan suggested breakfast out before we set about getting our RV site stuff packed away so we are ready to roll in the morning...

That is a "naked" RV site.  Oh, there is more to it than just putting away chairs... the e-bikes come off the back of the coach, get folded and go into the CR-V.  The heavy-duty bike rack comes off the back of the coach, gets folded up and goes into the cargo trailer.  The patio mat that has been down for a couple months gets unstaked, shake the sand and grit out of it, and into the trailer it goes.  All the other odds and ends get put away.  The windshield cover gets wiped down and comes off.  In fact, it was an ugly, windy day yesterday, making for a lot of blowing sand in the air - so everything needs to get wiped down before being put away.  (Steph says that it my fault because I washed the coach on Wednesday.)  All the tires get checked and aired up as needed... and that is a bunch of tires.  Towing stuff lubed and prepped.

Little Izzy got one last walk; she looked a bit confused when stepping outside - "Where'd everything go?"  It is still pretty breezy, so it wasn't a long walk.

After we spruce up, it will be dinner with the kids, hugs and good-byes (the good-byes are my least favorite about the departure), then... hopefully a good night's sleep.  Tomorrow morning, we'll clean up, unhook utilities, hook the cargo trailer behind the coach, and hit the road.  Separately.  Until we get out of Arizona and can double tow again.

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