Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Poop Patrol...

Does that conjure up images of following people in the RV park to make sure they clean up after their pooping pets?

Yeah, that's not what we're doing.

I may have mentioned that 2 of our 3 grandcats are having tummy problems; likely brought on by a bad batch of food, but things have been... um... a bit loose.  Do you need more detail?

Steph has been giving them vet supplied anti-poop meds.  That seems to be working... but, we need to get a stool sample to the vet so then can make sure there are no other problems.  Two days, checking a couple times a day for us... and no poop.  On the bright side, everyone seems to be better; on a new diet, eating a bit, but not producing anything on the other end.

If it were grandkids, we'd be changing poopy diapers, so we are glad to help in any way we can for these sweet furballs.  They are family.

My apologies for the crappy nature of this post.  ;-)  Be happy I'm not posting photos.

We are taking the day off tomorrow, to meet with friends Mark and Cindy and a day at the Musical Instrument Museum.  It's a world class museum; Joan and I have been there before and are looking forward to seeing any new exhibits.

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