Sunday, March 5, 2017


No, not taking a test.  Good thing, because I think I will need a bit more practical experience.  "Practical??" you're thinking?  Yeah, not my strong suit.

That owners manual on the new recorder... over 150 pages.  Looking at the buttons on it, it doesn't look like it should take 150 pages to explain all it does.  Until you get into it.  Stereo, mono, 4-track, multi-track.  Metronome, tuning, 50 different effects, but only when recording multi-track.  You can send the signal through the unit to a computer or record tracks on the 32 gig SD card.  You can "punch in and out" on select parts of a track to record over... I say "you," because I haven't figured out all that stuff.  Yet.

Other than a few short tests, I've only done the one raw recording.  Complete with assorted background noise, because... there is always background noise in this RV park.  I'm thinking it may be when we get back home before I'll have the necessary quiet to do it up right.

In the meantime, I am studying up.  In case a stretch of quiet breaks out.

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