Monday, May 15, 2017

Can you give me a hand with my pole?

I may have mentioned that one of our neighbors made a modification to a post at the end of our parking... and by modification: he knocked it down.  It was PVC filled with concrete... not the first time one of our posts has been knocked down, but the first time anyone came to our door to let us know and apologize.

So, today was "concrete day" in the Tropical Tip.  Instead of remounting it in the ground, we are putting the post in a weighted container - this way when it gets hit again, it will be more likely to spring right back up.

One of us is an experienced concrete worker, having used Quikrete 4 or 5 times.  ;-)  The other of us has never used the stuff, but is more concerned with esthetics, and wanted it to look good.  So, one of us was the mixer/pourer (not me), the other of us was the pack-mule (that stuff comes in 80 pound bags) and supervisor.  I had some Quikrete from a previous job, but had to go get another 80 pounds to complete this project.  In a couple days, it will be ready to be "neighbor tested."

Of course, doing anything around here brings out observers.  At one point, we had three neighbors asking questions (and one still offering to pay for it, with even more apologies).

Project done.

No boating today, but I did invite my sailing neighbor (and post rammer) to check out our boat... we sat out there and visited for an hour or so.  Very comfortable under the bimini, and a nice conversation.

Coming back inside, little Izzy was looking particularly cute...

No doubt, I am biased in that cute-judgement.  But, come on, look at that sweet little face!

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