Sunday, June 25, 2017

What is round on the ends and hi in the middle?

Ohio.  I love kid jokes.

We left our parking lot accommodations at Sweetwater, heading for Ohio.  There were a half dozen RVs left when we pulled out.  The Gear Fest area looks a bit empty...

All the gear that was in those tents is gone.  No evidence of the hundreds of vendors who were here.  It clears out in a hurry.

Next stop is an RV park in Ohio so we can dump tanks, top off the fresh, and get some laundry done.  Along the way, enjoyed the back roads and green fields once again...

Traffic was light and only one car that passed us on a solid yellow line.  At an intersection...

Two dumbass moves at once.  Even though I was driving 57 with a 55 mph speed limit, this dipshit flipped me off on the way around.  Everyone else we came across in Ohio has been nice.  The roads were even decent.

We stopped at a Walmart along the way; while Joan did some grocery shopping, I picked up lunch at the Subway inside Wally World.  We dined in the coach before heading the rest of the way to the park.  Nice think about shopping with the coach: you carry the grocery bags in and put stuff away.  :-)

We were at the park well before 2:00.  I was surprised to discover there are no sewer hook-ups in their non-seasonal RV sites.  We have room left in our tanks from the dry camping, so we'll use their sewer dump station on the way out (and be conservative for the next two days).

This place is very "park-like"...

Probably what many non-RVers think a park should be: lots of trees, a playground area, fire-rings at each site, and parked in the grass.  I'd rather be on concrete and not have the smelly ol' campfires.  It was pretty quiet in the park when we pulled in (Sunday) - I think there was a wedding here on Friday or Saturday, and it looks like most of those folks have gone home.

Too many trees for the satellite, but we are able to pull in stations from Toledo and Cleveland, so we have some network viewing.

After getting settled in, I dropped Joan at the laundry here.  Little Izzy is requesting a walk in the grass.


Bill K said...

I live in Toledo, how near are you and would you be interested in company ?

Bill Kelleher

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Hi Bill. We have been out all day (Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame), just saw this... sorry I didn't see it sooner, we are rolling first thing in the morning. Would have enjoyed a face to face.

Best wishes,