Friday, July 21, 2017

The mushroom guys won't let me hang out with them...

I don't know why - I'm a fungi.  (Fun guy)

We decided to take a day off from biking and hiking.  Well, there was some strolling this morning when I took Izzy for a walk.  Seems I found a couple new muscle aches this morning.  ;-)

On that stroll, we came across this mushroom...

Now, I am not really a mushroom kinda guy... oh, I like them on my philly steak sandwich, but I couldn't identify one from another.  I just thought this was cool looking.  Izzy didn't really care one way or the other.

While walking Izzy, two ladies walked by us the other direction; one said, "My, what a beautiful cat!"

"Thank you," I said.  Not sure why, I didn't have anything to do with how pretty Izzy is.  I hear that a lot when walking Iz.  One one single time has anyone said to Izzy, "My, what a good looking owner you have."  I don't know why.  Izzy doesn't care... as long as the meals are on time and there is some daily leash time.

We (Joan and I, again Izzy didn't care) spent some time in front of the computer and on the phone, finishing up reservations and routing for our time between here and Washington, DC.  A couple flexible travel days, but we know we'll have RV sites in the places we want to be.

The only other thing Joan had on her agenda today was shopping.  I suggested we stop at a pizza place I saw in Ellsworth, where the closest Walmart is located.  Finelli's New York style pizza, and, yes, you can get it by the slice.  Yep, it was tasty.  Not fancy, but good pizza.

Walmart wasn't packed.  One in a row.  Good selection and the store was clean.  We got everything on Joan's list.  Not an action packed, hey let's crash a bike, fun-filled day, but good to kick back. 


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