Sunday, August 27, 2017

A day off...

When we first retired, I had a friend ask, "If you aren't working, do you ever get 'a day off'?"

When traveling like we've been doing, we occasionally take a day for "not doing much."  It isn't the same as a day to get work done, things like laundry, grocery shopping, maintenance around the coach.  Today will be that kind of day.

Yesterday was a not doing much kinda day.  We had walked our feet off touristing around on Friday.  Saturday was "easy treat day" as far as I'm concerned... we were up and about and went to one of my favorite breakfast/lunch places: Waffle House.  It isn't fancy dining, but they serve up good food and do it fast... assuming it isn't so packed that you have to wait to get a seat.  Our timing was good - within 10 minutes of sitting down, there were people waiting.  But, the service was good and fast, and the food was tasty.  Joan and I both asked for something other than the standard menu and our waitress said, "No problem, Hon - I'll have it right out for you!"

Some Izzy and guitar time under the awning.  We talked about touring the Grand Ole Opry and the Opryland Hotel, but the parking lots were packed.  Joan said, "You know what is close by, don't you?  Bass Pro!"  The woman knows how to make me smile.  :-)

We did spend time on-line and watching the situation unfold with Hurricane Harvey.  Southeast Texas is taking a major hit, and this storm is just sitting there, dumping more and more rain.  Moving very little, the rain bands are inundating Houston and a large area around that.  Predictions are for 40 inches or more before it moves on.  One of our favorite coastal towns, Rockport (where we used to sell photographic art in one of the galleries) has been hammered.

My heart hurts for all the people affected... Houston is the 4th largest city in the nation, and flooding is pretty widespread there currently.

We will hit the road again tomorrow, keeping an eye on Harvey's direction, as it is still a tropical storm.  When we first bought the HitchHiker and were in Missouri traveling with it, we wound up in the remnants of what had been two different hurricanes (Gustav and Ike) that blew through that area.  Don't need a repeat of that.

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