Saturday, August 5, 2017

Are they giving away free stuff??

After the marathon touristing yesterday, we decided to take a break from the crowds today.

Between the activities yesterday, Joan was encouraging me to get some Airpods (wireless earbuds).  We took a moment to look around on-line and found that a Target store not too far away had them in stock.  Or, so their website said.  Arriving there, we didn't recognize the store as a Target: no big parking lot, no sprawling store.  Located on a college campus, it was not much bigger that the typical convenience store, and had cosmetics, bath and beauty items, and electronics.  When we asked, "Yeah, we had some, but they're all gone.  No, you can't go by the website."

Good to know.

We stopped at a nearby Best Buy.  The guy in there said, "You'll have to order them on  We don't stock them in the store because they sell too fast."  Yes, he really said that.  ;-)

Taking a break today, we had breakfast in the coach then went to the pool area (a short walk from our site) to soak in the hot tub.  I could have used that last night when we got back, but it was almost 11:30 and the pool area was closed.

After we cleaned up, Joan said she wanted to go out for lunch, then go to a nearby Ikea store... she loves walking through Ikea.  There is a huge parking lot at Ikea and every parking place was full.  There were cars circling the lot, looking like sharks, hoping to see someone pull out.  I said, "IF we find a place to park, you know what it is going to be like inside with this kind of crowd, right?"

We decided to move on.  We had a nice lunch at a BJ's Restaurant, then off to find a Wally World to pick up a few groceries.  A few more miles down the road: a nice, new looking Walmart... and the parking lot was packed.  We decided to brave the crowds.  Yep, packed.  We made it through the store and found the chcck-out lines were six carts deep on average.  Joan found us an express lane with only two carts ahead of us... almost like hitting the lottery.

I have to say, the northeast part of the country is beautiful, and there is a LOT of history here.  BUT, so many people.  We're here for a few more days, and we'll both be ready to find someplace that is a bit less populated.

Texas has some big cities (we don't live in one), but you can get out of them in relatively short order and find some wide open spaces.  Everybody sing: "Don't fence me in..."

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