Monday, December 4, 2017

How do you spell "relief"?

If you said: "R-O-L-A-I-D-S," you watched too much TV back in the 70s - if you said, "That commercial first aired in 1976," you get 150 bonus points.

Late afternoon last Friday, while having a late lunch or early supper with friends Mike and MJ, I somehow managed to break a crown.  Not like Jack and Jill, this was a fancy-schmancy crown made by a dentist in Phoenix.  Who, incidentally, said, "This is some high-tech stuff - it will last longer than you."  Apparently, he wasn't expecting me to last more than 4 years.

Not to be overly graphic, but it broke off leaving razor-like points that rubbed against my tongue and the inside of my cheek.  It was a miserable weekend, since the first appointment I could get was this morning... my poor tongue is cut up and raw.

I was expecting the news to be: you'll need another tooth implant.  The good news: the dentist was able to start the process with a new crown instead of having to rip out the roots and put in an implant.  I had that done about 7 weeks ago, and it was miserable.

So, relatively little pain; less time in the chair; less $$... and: I can eat without stabbing pain again.

I am well aware that when you get old people together, they like to talk about their "maladies"... I am darn near overjoyed at how this worked out today... but, let me tell you about my... nah, just kidding!


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